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Sorry To Bother You and #ComingSoon

It’s almost the 15th. Apologies for the passage of time. I personally find it rude that summer insists on ending.

This post is a heads up of what subscribers can look forward to in their inbox on the 15th.

Remember when I decided to have some cool people over to talk about Sorry To Bother You? Somehow my life gets extra, real fast.

Chioke - Af Am Studies professor, NPR voice, audiophile and homie - decided to record it and throw in some rib sandwiches. That’s a real thing that we do.

Then there was a flyer.

Then Boots Riley was saying the event looked dope.

Boots Riley@BootsRiley

I really like the idea of this. Organized dinner/discussion get togethers after the movie.

This is by @tressiemcphd. I dont know where it is, but you can probably hit her up and find out.

July 20, 2018

Then there was rosé, ribs, and real talk. Boots was correct. It was dope.

Samantha (Journalist/Philanthropist), Marc (Curator @ The Cheats Movement), Tabitha (Activist), Lauren (Community Organizer/Tressie Whisperer), Terryn (Fundraiser/Writer), Jess (Artist), Chelsea (Facilitator), and Denise (Cultural Critic) gathered to discuss.

Then Lauren, who you help support with your generous subscriptions to the First and 15th, said, “yo, how can we make this even doper”.

Check out some of what you can expect to experience:

More coming on the 15th. Until then, welcome to the dinner party…